So, the poster that was on the wall at The Triple Door, Seattle is now in Eddie Vedder’s kitchen - From Simon Townshend

His cabinets may be hella rad but my toaster is much nicer.

you should be the singer of Pearl Jam

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what in god’s name have you done?

stick your arm for some real fun

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ever notice how there are no adults in WWE? that’s because WWE is actually purgatory. it’s all in vince mcmahon’s imagination. he never had parents to provide for him so he imagined the rock, who always had something cooking for him. the undertaker is how vince copes with the inevitability of death. also vince is in a coma

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“Layne was an extrimely intelligent, humorous, and gratious human being, and he cared about things like politeness and kindness to strangers, qualities that seem to be forgotten in today’s narcisstic, nihilistic culture. He laughed easily and talked openly with his fans, and his guest list at shows was always reserved for the young, marginalised people who couldn’t afford to buy a ticket. Those were Layne’s people, the ones without a voice, and through the power of poetic language, Layne gave them a voice. He once told me a story about his first tour in South America, where, after a show in Rio de Janeiro, some of these new friends had taken him to a beautiful, jungle-like park on the outskirts of the city. As they sat on the Earth talking under a canopy of trees, a tiny marmoset only a few inches tall leapt onto Layne’s shoulder and resided there for quite some time, much to the amazement and delight of everyone. Layne said it was one of the greatest experiences he ever had on tour, and years later I saw many of these tiny creatures when I toured Brazil, but they always seemed rather terrified of humans. Apparently however, they loved Layne.”

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R.E.M. - Michael Stipe

…also Mike Mills, Peter Buck, and Bill Berry

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The fabulous the-fletcher-memorial-home

””“Hottest guy in the fandom”“”

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"And so castles made of sand fall in the seaeventually.”

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