Reasons we love Geddy Lee: His total goofiness 

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I had a dream last night that Jesus finally resurrected and when white people found out he wasn’t white they arrested him for 2000 something years of tax evasion  

the-stairway-to-jimmy-page asked: Alyssa ~

Thanks Alyssa!
Artificial Red- Mad Season
Life and How to Live It- REM
You’re True- Eddie Vedder
Southbound Pachyderm- Primus
Sweet Lew- Pearl Jam
An Unkind- Soundgarden

undefinedflight asked: Jessica :)

Jenifa Taught Me- De La Soul
Eyelids Mouth- Soundgarden
Seven Chinese Brothers- REM
Swing on This- Alice in Chains
Inertiatic ESP- The Mars Volta
Crush With Eyeliner- REM
Across the Universe- The Beatles

My past has come back to haunt me

volunteeramputee asked: LAUREN you good for nothing 12 year old

Lawlz- Blood on the dance floor
Anthem of the outcast- botdf
Unchained- botdf
Rampage of love- botdf
Everyone dies alone-botdf
Nirvana- botdf

mrgoldenwords asked: Alee :)

Achilles Last Stand- Led zeppelin
Leash- Pearl Jam
Even Flow-Pearl Jam
Evacuation- Pearl jam


Led Zeppelin in 1969 at the Bath Festival, by Chris Walter 

i-wear-stars-on-my-brows asked: Pssst hey I wanna do the name thing Michael my name is Emmaline if you didn't know that was my name for almost the last year we have been friends

Uh idek who you are lol but k
Evacuation- Pearl Jam
Moving to Florida- Butthole Surfers
My Fathers Son- Pearl Jam
American Woman(the cover that you said was sexy, I will not forget that)- Butthole Surfers
Four Walled World-Temple of the Dog
“U”- Pearl Jam
Come back- Pearl Jam
Kashmir- Led Zeppelin

uncle-anesthesia asked: Danielle :)

Thanks Danielle :)
Do the Evolution- Pearl jam
Applebite- Soundgarden
Never the Machine Forever- Soundgarden
Insignificance- Pearl Jam
Exhuming McCarthy- REM
Life Wasted- Pearl Jam
Low- REM
Elderly Woman behind the coun yeah that song- Pearl Jam